Writing Wednesday… on Thursday

I’m having one of those days where the day I’m living isn’t really the day I want to be having. Since what I probably really need to change is my outlook, I’ll take a moment to write. For me, writing is about as therapeutic as anything else out there.

National Novel Writing Month
Anticipation is building on social media platforms around the U.S. for NaNoWriMo. Ever wanted to write a novel? Throughout November writers across the States will be frantically typing away in an effort to write a novel in a month. I’m still hoping to get my romance novel finished before the end of this month, so I’m not sure if I have enough juice to spin out another book next month. I’ll probably decide on October 31!

If you want some encouragement on getting prepared for NaNoWriMo, I recommend Kaye Dacus’ blog. She is a romance writer, but her advice applies to all genres. She’s running an entire series, so start here and work forward.

Creative Writing Competitions
If you have time (bahahahahahahahah!), you may also want to enter some writing competitions. This link provides a list of writing competitions that are free to enter! And, you can win prize money! Win/Win!! Count me in!! The first competition closes 1 November 2013.

Let’s Hear it for Writing Groups
Finally, I just want to provide a plug for the writing group I belong to: Writers in the Spirit. I am in awe of how so many members are published writers. Here is a sample of books recently released by members of the group:

Sanchez Crenshaw, The Romeo Killer
Available on Amazon – only $9.00!!

Dr. Crystal Green, How to Be Schoolgirl Skinny

Caroline Green, Decrees, Declares, & Prayers

Sandra T. Huerta, Tiers of Sorrow

And, a dear friend of mine, Yvette Clark, is working on a 366-day devotional that will be released around Christmas in time for 2014. Keep an eye on her website, Exhortation Corner, for updated information about that.

Have a blog about writing? Want to share a link to what you’ve been working on? Place a link in the comments, below.

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